We are revolutionizing the magazine industry with our unique approach of interactive ads, cutting-edge technology and a staff of journalists, artists and designers providing content that can’t be found anywhere else. Citygram is the first all-digital magazine for and about Austin and we are engaging readers like never before.

Our platform is targeted towards smart, tech-savvy individuals with an enthusiasm for the newest and best in food, music, health, arts, culture and our beloved city of Austin.

We purchase, participate and believe in the brands we feature. Which is why we take time to customize and craft ads that truly engage. Our interactive advertising solutions will engage your customers like never before with…


  •  Scrollable Menus
  •  Photo Galleries
  •  Embedded Audio and Video
  •  Opentable Reservations
  •  iTunes Direct Links
  •  Checkout on the page
  •  And much more…


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