#ATXITECTURE: Our Resident Architect Breaks Down the Design of Raven & Lily and Helm Boots

Architectural style manifests itself in elements such as forms, materials, and lighting. These features define the appearance of a structure and the character it expresses. How does a brand’s style and identity merge with the architecture it inhabits? The use of these elements often plays a crucial role in a customer’s interaction and perception of the space.

Raven & Lily

Raven + Lily is a beautiful boutique located in East Austin that, as a socially conscious lifestyle brand, empowers women through design. Designed by Bart Whatley and Matt Garcia, the store is an inviting space in which to browse products and the stories behind them.

The location also houses studio workspaces and meeting areas with clerestory windows above. Royal Design Studio created custom graphics from wall murals to stenciled concrete floors. Inspired by African motifs and geometric shapes, the patterns have a playful Art Deco vibe that works in perfect harmony with the modern simplicity of the store.


Floor-to-ceiling storefront windows allow natural light to stream into the space, while teeming leaves of the fiddle leaf fig provide a touch of nature among the apparel. The architecture of the store is transformed from within by the brand’s creative appearance and expression of style. The space at Raven + Lily has a captivating aesthetic for browser and buyer alike.




Helm Boots



Also situated in East Austin is Helm Boots, a cozy space filled with timeless footwear and quality goods. The culture of the company is evident upon entering. Characteristics of long-lasting, durable design fill the walls to foster an atmosphere of modern, yet rugged, products. The look of the company’s first retail location is owed to the creative design of Chris and Hillary Bilheimer.

The floating shelves serve as the main display for boots and frame the space for circulation. A wide range of footwear is available in-store and all boots are crafted in Maine, USA.

The millwork is comprised of reclaimed boards while new hardware and doors accent the front cabinets. The store is filled with other products made in the US such as leather bags, fragrances, apparel and more. The classic style that embodies the space serves as inspiration when designing the boots.

The cross-section of this boot perfectly illustrates the ethos behind Helm Boots: an open display of quality materials refined to the utmost utility and style. The function and repurposing of materials throughout the store aligns with the intended – and pleasant – experience for the customer. Overall, Raven + Lily and Helm Boots are remarkable in their cohesive style identity in both brand and architecture.


Writing & Photography: Chase Daniel

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Chase Daniel is a designer at Michael Hsu Office of Architecture in Austin, TX. He loves learning, traveling, and capturing everyday moments with the camera in his pocket. He also uses architectural photography as a way of seeing design come to life outside of the workplace.
In his free time, he enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. After all, what is better than sharing in the joys of life with others?


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