Austin Music Radar: The bands you need to see, watch, and listen to this month

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Abram Shook
Landscape Dream

Released: May 8

On Austin-based singer/songwriter Abram Shook’s sophomore effort, Landscape Dream, much of the album was inspired by his weekly ritual of disconnecting from technology and going for long walks in nature. These walks, he says, afforded space for reflection and for creativity to spark. The result is a collection of balmy, lighthearted strains including songs like,“Beach Glass,” “5am Tribute”
and “Understood.”

Listen on Spotify

Listen on Spotify


Warm Soda
Symbolic Dream

Released: May 4

Is there a band name that captures the dog days of summer better than Austin’s Warm Soda? Their third release, Symbolic Dream, glistens with blistering ballads perfect for getting outside and exploring the city, or just hanging with friends by the pool. Give “Lemonade Lullaby” a whirl and soak in Warm Soda’s fevered anthems.

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Released: May 22

The melodically psychedelic tones of Unknown Mortal Orchestra reach unparalleled heights on their third release, Multi-Love. Front man Ruban Nielson’s aching falsetto rings out as he sings about an affair that’s left him “half-crazy.” The tormented singer turns a bleak reality into a beautiful body of music that’s haunting, experimental and beguiling.

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Taylor & The Wild Now
Salt (Single)

Released: June 2

Austin foursome Taylor & The Wild Now, reveal a fresh sound on their melodic new single “Salt.” Let the plucky, earthy track keep you feeling calm, cool and collected all summer long, or at least until the band releases their follow-up single later this year. Take advantage of this rising local talent and catch one of Taylor & The Wild Now’s upcoming live shows.

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Listen on Spotify



“Sensitive Boys”

“Who said anything about love?” That’s the question at hand on Coeds‘ debut single, “Sensitive Boys.” The Austin duo, fronted by Meredith Muñoz, sing about immature boys who constantly “make such a mess” of dating. Sorry, dudes.
The video seems to make some nods to the ‘80s and ‘90s, especially in a shot of Muñoz treading in a pool, akin to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” video. With lighthearted, candid, and all-too-relatable lyrics, “Sensitive Boys” is an anthem for the Tinder age.

Tobias Jesso Jr.
“Without You”

Emotive singer/songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr.’s video for the tender ballad, “Without You,” features a young man and an older woman enjoying an intimate date night while Jesso plays the piano. As the couple dances, Jesso’s words ring out, “I can hardly breathe without you, there is no future I want to see without you, I just don’t know who I would be without you.” The sweet song will surely make its way around the wedding circuit this summer.

Written by Gillian Driscoll


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