Shopping Guide: Charm School Vintage and East Austin Fashion

Charm School Vintage

The dreamy and charming aesthetic of Charm School Vintage defines the East Austin shopping scene.

The East Austin shopping district has flourished over the years, becoming the go-to place for local eclectic shopping that’s a bit off the beaten path. If you’re a fan of vintage clothing, hit up Charm School Vintage or Through the Looking Glass. Charm School’s natural charm is in its dreamy aesthetic. Every piece of clothing (and even the decor) seems to transport you to a different life in a different decade of your choosing. Through the Looking Glass’s collection starts with mod-era Twiggy-esque clothing that spans through the psychedelic ‘70s and brings you back to ‘90s styles of Nirvana and Gwen Stefani. And if you’re looking to create a completely new look for yourself, step into Charm School’s sister store, Coco Coquette, the ultimate source of wonderful wigs and costume accessories anyone could hope to find.


Top: Busy Being, Bottom: Olive

Men can get closet staples at HELM boots, makers of sturdy and stylish footwear for the adventurous man, and Traveller Denim, custom bespoke denim makers creating simple and beautiful jeans made of the finest selvedge materials.

Dual boutiques Solid Gold and Busy Being offer two similar and complementary boho styles with southwestern charm. Going along with the multi-functionality and well-thought aesthetics East Austin is so fond of also lies Las Cruxes, home to carefully curated updated vintage items for men and women, art by up-and-coming artists, and a large range of records.

Last on our list of East Austin favorites is Olive and Friends & Neighbors. Olive is a smartly designed store full of elevated staple pieces featuring bright colors and interesting prints, which manage to simply blend in to everyday wear. Friends & Neighbors is the newest addition to the east side – a combined coffeehouse and retail space that features fun vintage finds, pieces from up and coming designers, as well as home decor.


Top and Right: Las Cruxes, Bottom Left: Friends & Neighbors

Written by: Shelley Neuman
Photography by: Chris Perez


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