Citygram to Left Right Media: How Austin’s Digital Magazine became a Creative Agency

In 2013, Citygram debuted as the first mobile magazine in the city, quickly earning the rank as the #1 Digital Guide in Austin. For two years, Citygram connected locals and visitors to the best restaurants, live music, shops, and hidden gems. It offered insider tips from tastemakers and long-form articles on the people, businesses, and trends that were influencing the city. In September of 2015, we published The Art Issue, one of the very first issues of any publication created in Adobe DPS 2015. At the time, DPS 2015 was the most cutting edge platform in mobile publishing, and it enabled us to bring more of Citygram’s content to life in the app.

So why was the Art Issue our last?

Well, Citygram was really good. Like, really really good, and people noticed. They noticed the app design, the graphic design, the storytelling, the photography, the strategy and all the talent that went into producing the magazine. Other businesses and publications started calling us up asking if we could bring our design to their brand. So we did.


Left / Right Media

From all of the experience, education, connections and skills we cultivated at Citygram, our team evolved into a design powerhouse that grew into a full-service creative agency. We call ourselves Left Right Media, after the publishing LLC our founder created in Citygram’s infancy. In the last two years, we’ve traveled the country sharing our expertise in mobile publishing and learning with every step along the way. From Adobe MAX in Los Angeles to Hearst publishing conferences in New York, our Austin-based magazine has taken us places we couldn’t have imagined a year ago.


It is bittersweet to announce the closing of Citygram. Thank you to everyone in Austin and beyond who allowed us to tell their story through our magazine. Thank you to every contributor, employee, intern and supporter of Citygram, who helped beautifully realize the dream of bringing a mobile magazine to our city.

We are so excited about the road ahead for our team at Left Right Media, where we’ll continue our journey of making art on many platforms.

We invite you to keep in touch and follow along.

See what we’re up to now.


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