Coming Soon: The Crowdsourced Feature

For our upcoming Escape issue, we thought we’d do something fun and create our first crowdsourced feature!

Your chance to be published inside a special feature of Citygram Austin magazine!

That’s right, this is your chance to be published inside a special feature of Citygram Austin magazine (with your name or handle and link to your website or preferred social media channel).

We’re looking for your photos, videos, and Instagrams of your favorite weekend escapes, bites, sips, and hidden gems (all located within considerable driving distance from Austin). We’re having a special focus on Houston and Marfa in our next issue, so extra credit will go to all multimedia centered around those locales. We of course would love to see your favorite under-the-radar local Austin picks as well.

Send photos to us simply by adding #CGescape with a caption about the place and why you love it. Additionally, you can package up a set of photos or portfolio via Dropbox (or your preferred delivery channel) to us at with Subject: Citygram Escape.

You will maintain rights to all your photos, and we will ask for explicit permission to use the images, video, and clips we choose to publish.

All materials must be received by 11:59pm on August 24th, so get cracking!


All Entries due Aug 24th!

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