chris-perez-citygram-austin-magazineChris Perez

Founder & CEO of Left Right Media LLC / Founding Editor & Creative Director of Citygram
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Chris is an multi-disciplinary professional with 9 years of experience as a hardware engineer and technology interface for IBM. Chris has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics from Austin College in Sherman, TX, and is the lead inventor for three U.S. patents.

Chris founded Citygram Austin – a popular mobile magazine that connects visitors and locals to Austin culture, local businesses, and trends – in June 2013. Chris serves as both the founding editor and creative director for Citygram Austin, leading the publication to be recognized as a first-of-its-kind mobile magazine app that successfully blends interactive editorial and advertising through a focused digital-first strategy.

Brittanie-Bo-Duncan-COO-Left-Right-Media-LLC-Managing-Editor-CitygramBo Duncan

Chief Operating Officer at Left Right Media LLC / Managing Editor of Citygram
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Bo is a UX design consultant and expert in digital media strategies and campaigns. As COO of Left Right Media LLC, she serves as a client-liason, marketing expert and team manager – working directly with brand and publishing clients to bring their content to life in mobile media.

As managing editor of Citygram, a division of Left Right Media LLC, she works with a team of writers, photographers and graphic artists to develop media-rich content. She engages brand loyalty by conceptualizing and orchestrating large scale community events. Bo has a BFA, with a concentration in digital media, from New York University.

amy-lynch-onesmartpoptart-citygram-austinAmy Lynch

Contributing Editor
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Amy Lynch is an Austin-based writer focusing on culture, design, travel, green living and conscious consumerism.

Her work has appeared in/on The Huffington Post, Milkshake, and

She provides editorial and commercial writing services for local and national brands and blogs, and she’s in the final throes of finishing her first novel.

callie-mclean-citygram-austinCallie McLean

Advertising Consultant + Interactive Designer
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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a details girl. Colors have always made me ridiculously happy. I’m a serious type snob. (Seriously, why is Papyrus a thing?) I totally judge books by their covers…and magazines, albums, cereal boxes…well, you get the gist. It’s safe to say design and I were made for each other. I received my BFA in Studio Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design from James Madison University. Digital design is my bread and butter, but print is my first love.

chris-wiley-citygram-austinChris Wiley

Photographer + Interactive Designer
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Chris Wiley is a photographer and designer from Florida.

After graduating with degrees in both photography and graphic design, he ventured to Austin to follow his passion of producing delightful and pleasing visuals in both mediums. It doesn’t hurt that he is a big BBQ and taco enthusiast.

veronica-meewes-citygram-austinVeronica Meewes

Food & Beverage Columnist
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Veronica Meewes is a freelance writer and photographer in Austin, TX.

Specializing in lifestyle, travel and food her work has appeared in several outlets including Forbes Travel Guide, Serious Eats, and The Today Show.

Veronica spent her childhood in New Jersey, and traveled around the country before deciding on the sunny capital of Texas.

gillian-driscoll-citygram-austin-house-soundsGillian Driscoll

Music Correspondent + Columnist
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Gillian Driscoll is a music tastemaker with a penchant for pop colors, pop music and Prince.

You’ll find Gillian sharing her flavors of the week on her music blog, Sound Dessert, featuring emerging artists that deserve to be heard. When she’s not writing about bands, she’s working with them via her artist development company, Sound Dessert Consulting.

chase-daniel-vuvobandit-citygram-austinChase Daniel

#ATXitecture Columnist
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Chase Daniel is a designer at Michael Hsu Office of Architecture in Austin, TX. He loves learning, traveling, and capturing everyday moments with the camera in his pocket. He also uses architectural photography as a way of seeing design come to life outside of the workplace.

In his free time, he enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. After all, what is better than sharing in the joys of life with others?

rachael-genson-citygram-austinRachael Genson

City Projects Columnist
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Rachael Genson is an Austin-based PR professional and freelance writer.

A lover of the written word, she has a passion for turning everyday experiences into captivating stories. Rachael’s work has appeared in Austin Lifestyle Magazine and Social Media Club, and you can often find her sharing the ins and outs of her beloved city on her blog One Fine Day.

When Rachael is not working, she’s exploring all that Austin has to offer, experimenting with her next DIY project, or in search of Austin’s best margarita.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.02.28 PMAdrienne Dever

Weekend Itinerary Columnist/Photographer
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Adrienne Dever is a social media manager and lifestyle photographer, with a degree in Mass Communication from Texas State University.

She is an event enthusiast, enjoyer of puns and loves everything to do with fashion and Texas (Austin included of course!)

When she’s not with her head down in her work, she’s got her head in the clouds either in some DIY project, rock climbing, or enjoying the Texas heat at the Greenbelt or Mayfield Park.

shelley-neuman-citygram-austinShelley Neuman

Style + Shopping Columnist
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Shelley is a photographer, writer, and fashion-lover living in Austin, Texas.
After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in photojournalism, Shelley began searching for a creative outlet in which she could hone her photographic talents and her eye for style.
Obsessed with looking at street style blogs from around the world, she began her own blog, ATX Street Style, which is dedicated to documenting Austin’s ever-changing fashion and style.

hilary-pearson-Citygram_Austin_2014-757Hilary Pearson

Editorial Assistant / Photographer
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Hilary Pearson is a senior journalism student at the Univesity of Texas Austin with interests in photography and graphic design. She is passionate about working with Austin’s creative and collaborative community and never underestimates the restorative power of a quadruple shot latte.

brooke-blanton-citygram-austinBrooke Blanton

Local Columnist
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Brooke is an Austin-based magazine writer who won’t stop until she learns all the ins and outs of this great city.

She does this by getting to know all the interesting people she comes across (and in Austin, that never ends) and sharing their stories through words. Her work has appeared in several local publications including L Style G Style, Austin Monthly and
Austin Family.

tolly-moseley-austineavesdropper-citygram-austinTolly Moseley

Culture & Lifestyle Columnist
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Tolly Moseley is a freelance writer and journalist in Austin, TX.

With a focus on arts/culture and life, her work has appeared in Salon, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, on NPR Austin, and more.

She is also the voice behind the popular blog Austin Eavesdropper, and one half of the aerial silks performance duo Vayu Aerials.

lauren-modery-hipstercrite-citygram-austinLauren Modery

Culture & Lifestyle Columnist
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Lauren is a freelance writer and screenwriter from Austin, Texas.

She was born in Central NY during the Reagan administration and as a child enjoyed wearing suits and fantasized about being middle-aged Jewish men, most notably four out of the five Marx Brothers, Rod Serling and Woody Allen.

She co-wrote and co-produced the feature film Loves Her Gun. Her work has appeared in several outlets including The Guardian, and xoJane.

joanna-wilkinson-keepaustinstylish-citygram-austinJoanna Wilkinson

Fashion & Style Columnist
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From the first time she twirled around in her Grammy’s vintage petticoats, Joanna Wilkinson has forever since had a love for fashion.

Since graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio TV Film, she uses her love of telling stories with both words and visuals to chronicle the fashion scene in Austin with her blog, Keep Austin Stylish.

jess-simpson-forgivingmartha-citygram-austinJess Simpson

Gluten-Free Dining Columnist
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Jess Simpson is a passionate baker, cook and gluten-free eater.

As a lover of all that’s local, seasonal and full of flavor, she loves to create things in her own kitchen and sample all the gluten-free & dairy-free eats Austin has to offer.

She features photography and recipes from her baking and cooking on her drool-inducing blog, Forgiving Martha and also writes a series on called The Perfect Bite.

sarah-stacey-citygram-austinSarah Stacey

Interior Design Columnist
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Sarah Stacey is the lead designer at Sarah Stacey Interior Design — a design firm with a clean, playful, contemporary aesthetic that creates fun spaces for every member of the family.

Sarah has a true knack for craft – with an ability to incorporate unique, handmade elements into her designs.

She loves movies, participating in sing-a-longs at the Alamo Drafthouse, and sharing more of her work at

alex-carrasco-citygram-austinDr. Alejandra Carrasco

Health & Nutrition Columnist
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Alejandra Carrasco, M.D. is the founder of Nourish Medicine, an innovative medical practice here in Austin, TX that attends to all aspects of an individual’s life, including health, family, community, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, self-care, and renewal.

“Dr. Alex” is passionate about helping patients tap into the awesome wisdom of the body through Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is board certified in Family Medicine, as well as Integrative and Holistic Medicine.

jamie-smith-citygram-austinJamie Smith

City Developments Columnist
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Jamie Smith is a writer and content strategist based in Austin, TX.

She writes for and about people and organizations doing innovative work in the fields of arts and culture, design, social justice, travel, and technology.

If she’s not writing, she’s probably at a book club meeting, traveling through cities large and small, or trying to tackle Austin’s outsized hills on her bike.