Editor Letter: SXSW Issue

chris-perez-citygram-austin-magazineOne by One. It’s both the aspect ratio of an Instagram, and the means through which we build a community. And it was something you could feel when you set foot into the Instagram gallery of Austin’s first annual One by One TX Festival last month.

SXSW is a rare opportunity to connect with the world in one of its greatest cities.

One by One TX was something we had been planning and developing since late last year – with a goal to draw in people of all ages to celebrate art, community, and the new visual art people are creating on their mobile phones. And with over 2000 attendees of all ages visiting the gallery over the course of the weekend, it was a resounding success.

The response and feedback was incredibly positive, as one can see by looking through the #OnebyOneTX hashtag on Instagram and our photo recap inside this issue. It was inspiring for us to see many of the featured artists from all over the world (Guatemala, Manila, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco) descend upon Austin to share, collaborate, and connect. It was one of our proudest moments.

We now find ourselves in the midst of what is arguably the city’s biggest moment every year, SXSW. SX was something I had avoided for my first few years in Austin. I didn’t really understand it. I just knew it was crowded, crazy, and made trying to do anything downtown for the course of two weeks exponentially more difficult. But after attending the festival for the first time three years ago, and experiencing that first “Aha!” moment as to what it is, I’ve never looked back.

SXSW is a rare opportunity to connect with the world in one of its greatest cities. As Brad King so succintly puts it in our SXSW expert picks column, “It’s like the internet in real life.” That’s why this issue we specially focused on creating a guide to it all, the music, the films, and the interactive. We asked industry experts, SXSW veterans, and people involved in the festival’s panels and sessions for their picks and recommendations. If you’re a SXSW veteran, let the pages that follow jumpstart your agenda, and if it’s your first time, let it guide you to what the festival is all about – seeing how music, arts, culture, and food connects us all.

Inside this issue we also have several other features that we’re excited about, including a special view into Umlauf’s home and artist studio by Amy Lynch, and a profile on Sonya Coté of Eden East by Beth Lebwohl. Veronica Meewes also has been working on a special multi-part story on four food truck businesses that recently expanded into a brick-and-mortar. You’ll hear honest responses on what they had to go through to find success, and the risks they took to strive for it.

Austin is filled with these stories of perseverance. There’s something about this city that allows us to find ourselves. And there’s something about this city that makes us feel enabled enough to chase our dreams. It’s why it’s the perfect city for SXSW.


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