Get The Look: Holiday Party Queen

Joanna’s fashion editorial this month goes retro glam with vintage finds and shimmering accessories.





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This article originally published in The Gather Issue of Citygram Austin Magazine [December 2013].
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photography: Francesca Murray
model: Miranda Borrego
hair: Freida Kohler-Abeita
makeup: Adrienne Pena Pitkin


Joanna WilkinsonJoanna Wilkinson

Fashion & Style Columnist
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From the first time she twirled around in her Grammy’s vintage petticoats, Joanna Wilkinson has forever since had a love for fashion.

Since graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio TV Film, she uses her love of telling stories with both words and visuals to chronicle the fashion scene in Austin with her blog, Keep Austin Stylish.

photography: Francesca Murray

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