Citygram Austin magazine is a fully interactive digital magazine with lots of cutting-edge features. This help page will guide you to answers of frequently asked questions, and help ensure you don’t miss out on our signature content and stories. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have a specific problem or need more help. We’re here for you.

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Should I opt-in to push notifications?

In a word, Yes. Citygram Austin is not interested in spamming you with alerts. We will simply send a once-weekly notification to your device letting you know that a new issue or update is available for you to enjoy.


How do I turn on notifications manually?

Notifications can be turned on manually by going to Settings > Notification Center > Citygram.
Under “ALERTS” slide to turn on “Show in Notification Center.” You can also choose to “Show on Lock Screen,” and display a “Badge App Icon” to notify you of new updates.


How do I delete old issues I’ve already read?

Tap the “Archive” button in Library view, for the issues you want to remove.

If you are a subscriber, you can always re-download the issues again later.


How often does Citygram Austin publish?

The Citygram Weekend Itinerary is updated every Thursday with the latest event picks and recommendations. New issues are released every six weeks.


How do I update the Magazine app?

To update the app while viewing a page from the magazine do the following…


1. Tap the screen (anywhere on the screen) to reveal the navigation panels.


2. Tap the “Library” button to exit out to Library view – this is where all issues of Citygram Austin magazine are available to browse.


3. Look for any available updates – These will be denoted by an “Update available” caption under the issue cover.


4. Simply tap the cloud icon to begin downloading updates to that particular issue. Citygram Austin releases weekly content, so be sure to check back often for new events highlights, and articles.



What if I don’t see any updates available?

If you know there should be a new issue or update available in the Library view, but you don’t see any indicator, try deleting and re-installing the Citygram app.