Holiday Fringe Ornaments

I love the nostalgia of the holidays.

There are so many parts that I look forward to every year: putting my favorite ornament on the tree; eating my mom’s homemade Reese’s peanut butter bars; putting out the ceramic Santa’s we painted as kids.

My mother sent me all of the old Christmas decorations to remind me of home since I live so far away, so now the holidays are extra nostalgic for me. And as much as I love the comfortable familiar Christmas from my childhood, there’s also a part of me that wants to start from scratch and make it truly my own.

This DIY is perfect for adding a fresh new take to things you already have. And the best part is it isn’t permanent, so you can take it apart next year and try something new all over again.

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Holiday Fringe Ornaments


• Old Christmas Ornaments
• Double-sided Tape
• Scissors
• Tissue Paper
• Ruler
• Rope (optional)



1. Fold a large single sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise several times until you have one long strip of folded tissue that is 2” wide.

2. Trim one lengthwise edge off with scissors.

3. Holding the layers tightly together, cut 1/4 inch slits halfway up the width of the tissue paper–this is the fringe part. Fringe the entire strip.

4. measure one inch up the width of the strip and mark with a pencil. Repeat this step on the opposite end. Draw a line connecting the two points and cut this line. You now have a one inch wide strip of fringed tissue layers.

Trim strips so they are long enough to wrap around the center of the ornament.

5. Cut out a circle out of matching color tissue paper that’s large enough to cover the entire bottom of the ornament. Tape in place with double-sided tape.

6. Apply double-sided tape to the ornament in rows, starting at the edge where the circle ends.

7. Carefully place the fringed paper on the tape, making sure to keep the strip as straight as possible.

Repeat, row by row, until you have covered the entire ornament.

Tip: Once you get to the top of the ornament, it helps to cover the entire surface in tape, since it’s such an angled surface. If there are any gaps where the ornament shows through (this tends to happen towards the top), just add another layer of fringe and stick them down to cover up the holes.

These can be used as ornaments for your tree, or strung on a rope as a holiday garland. Feel free to play around with patterns — we liked incorporating the metallic tissue.

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