How to Flame an Orange Twist for the COTA Flame Cocktail

F1 will be coming to Austin again in just under four weeks. Billed by Forbes as an event to put on your Bucket List, the 2013 F1 Grand Prix promises to be even bigger and better this year. With ticket sales already surpassing last year’s total, the event has a chance to be the most attended F1 race worldwide (last year’s event came in second-place for attendance with 265,499 attendees).

To get fans (and Austin foodies) excited for the event, the W Austin has partnered with Circuit of The Americas (COTA) to create a signature cocktail for the event, the COTA Flame™. Just as you’d

The 2013 F1 Grand Prix… has a chance to be the most attended F1 race worldwide

expect the drink is prepared with all-natural ingredients and Texas spirits, such as Tito’s Vodka and Paula’s Texas Orange – something Tito Beveridge himself calls “Texas’ version of triple sec.” You’ll also find a kick of heat from local Lara Nixon’s Bad Dog Fire & Damnation Bitters.

Curious about how exactly to get the ‘flame’ in the COTA Flame™, we got a lesson from the award-winning libationist for W Austin / creator of the signature cocktail – Joyce Garrison. Here’s how she makes the drink and flames an orange twist to bring the ‘spark’ sure to charge all the F1 events and festivities it will be served at.

The COTA Flame™



• 2 oz. Tito’s Vodka
• 0.75 oz. Paula’s Texas Orange
• 1 oz. Cranberry Juice
• 0.5 oz. Lemon Juice (fresh-squeezed juice from ½ lemon)
• 1 oz. Orange Juice (fresh-squeezed juice from ¼ orange)
• 4-5 Dashes of Bad Dog Fire & Damnation Bitters
• Bar Spoon of Blood Orange Puree


Fill large pint glass with ice.

Pour all liquor, juices and bitters over ice and shake.

Strain into glass.

Top with sprite and drizzle with blood orange puree.

Flame an orange peel.

Here’s how to do it…

How to Flame an Orange Twist

Step 1: Cut a rounded peel from an orange with a knife


Step 2: Light a match


Step 3: Heat orange peel with the flame of the match for a few seconds

The heat from the match releases the natural oils inside the orange peel. Carefully bring the peel close to the flame without touching the match.

Step 4:Snap orange peel toward the flame

A quick snapping action will spray the oils of the orange toward the flame, creating a spark.

Step 5: Rim the edge of the cocktail glass with the orange peel

Then place peel in the glass as a garnish.

Enjoy… and cheers to another successful F1 Grand Prix event here in Austin.

Photography: Chris Perez

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