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It all started with a chocolate cake.

When Farah Raqib found a Pinterest recipe and posted her masterpiece to Instagram, Thomas Guy commented, “I really want that.”

After months of what they refer to as “Insta-flirting,” Farah and Thomas finally took their relationship to the real world, where Farah is a psychiatrist at Brackenridge Hospital and Thomas is the art director for Mutual Mobile.

"My Bride" - @thomasguy

“My Bride” – @thomasguy

Now, after six months of marriage, @findfarah, 28, and
@thomasguy, 34, are bonafide Instagram celebrities – with a combined fan base of over 136,000 followers. Thomas describes his wife’s feed as a “visual journal,” while Farah describes his as “very creative [with a] different perspective.” Both use their Instagram accounts, with editing help from the VSCOcam app, to document their lives in Austin and travels around the world.

Farah’s feed provides ample amounts of picturesque Austin meals and shots of snuggles with her cats, Oreo and Nonami. Thomas is more into the abstract—like a photo of a rugged and snowy stack of logs or a waterfall behind the lens of his glasses.

Photo Feb 12, 9 55 11 PM

“He just liked me the way I was. Even to this day, I don’t iron anything and there’s stuff on my shirt and that’s just how I am and it’s okay, you know.”

Thomas says that Instagram has “opened doors” by allowing him to cross boundaries of geographic locations and meet all types of like-minded people.

Other than his wife, Thomas has met other Instagram celebrities, such as @chrisconnolly, a designer for Instagram with 483,000 followers who recognized Thomas and Farah in San Francisco, and even the photographer who they would eventually choose to photograph their wedding, @geoffduncan.

Photo Feb 12, 10 00 16 PM

Photo Feb 11, 9 38 31 AM









“I had done this lecture series that’s all about positive thinking and you always write a daily contract about how something was better in your day today than the day before. So I take a picture of something good… ‘Wow, I really enjoyed this meal’ or ‘The sunset today is gorgeous’ or ‘Look, somebody helped me with something today’ so when I look back I see there are so many good things in my life.” – FARAH RAQIB

For the couple, Instagram has provided a source of positive energy in their life and an ever-increasing web of worldly connections. Farah likes to use her feed as a reminder of the things to be grateful for in life so she makes sure to post snapshots of the great things that happen during her day. “I feel very fortunate and I want to appreciate that instead of getting overwhelmed in the everyday,” she says.

When done right, Instagram has the power to make your life look as beautiful to the world as it does in your eyes. It’s clear to any that meet Thomas and Farah that they still very much see their life together through a filter of love and adoration.

Photo Feb 11, 9 36 02 AM

Photo Feb 11, 9 30 45 AM









“I just took pictures of Austin because there were a lot of things on Instagram that weren’t curated or photographed yet so it was interesting to take photos of your city and show people around the world where you live. Somehow we connected through that.” – THOMAS GUY

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Photography: Hilary Pearson

Writing by: Brooke Blanton

This article originally published in The Admire Issue of Citygram Austin Magazine [February 2014].
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