Local Crush: Six Local Goods You Should Have In Your Home

Shopping online is a pleasure we all enjoy in our modern times. However, despite its convenience, nothing beats being able to walk into a store to see and touch goods in person. And, nothing beats collaborating with a local craftsperson on a new item for your home. Here are six Austin stores, craftspeople and artists that should be in your home.



Briley's Upholstery - Photo By Adrienne Breaux

I believe Briley’s Upholstery is the best upholsterer in town. They are the only shop I use and the only place I recommend. They recently constructed and upholstered this 40” square storage ottoman with curved sides for one of my projects when no other store in town could do it. They totally exceeded my expectations in both customer service and in craftsmanship.




Michael Yates is a local designer and furniture builder with a style that is American Mid-century meets Japanese. Working with a local craftsperson allows you the opportunity to tailor specific works for a space. The table above was influenced by a design from Knoll, but Michael was able to customize the piece by creating it in a size and finish that wasn’t available in the market.



Warbach Lighting

Warbach works with some of my favorite designers and architects in the city, including Joel Mozersky of One Eleven Design. I had the chance to collaborate with Warbach in one of my recent projects and found them to be super easy to work with. Warbach made these large scale light fixtures which can be seen hanging at Chavez, the new Shawn Cirkiel restaurant inside the Radisson at Congress and Chavez. You can also see their work in NOVA and in Departure Lounge.



Bricolage Curated Florals Photo By Buff Strickland 3-2

Bricolage creates some of the most beautiful arrangements in Austin. Their work is leggy, lush, and loose with lots of texture – my favorite style. Her asymmetrical style adds a level of sophistication that can make a tablescape. You’ll notice in the image above how color and tone are carefully used to complement the dishes and pull your eyes into the whole setting.



View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/lauren-styled-space

A visit to Nannie Inez will cure any bad mood, with its cheery feel and brightly colored goods. An ottoman, used by stylist and designer Lauren Kelp in the image above, demonstrates how important a role small elements from the store can play in a establishing a look. The ottoman ties in the colors of the space, and relates with the feel of the room so perfectly it could have very well been the jumping off point for the design.



Elisa Gomez - Rampant

I found out about abstract artist Elisa Gomez via Instagram during E.A.S.T. I love her feed, as she often shows the process of her paintings – starting from just a few brush strokes all the way to completion. West Elm started carrying some of her works within the last few weeks, so you’re likely to see more of her great abstract pieces around.

Briley’s Upholstery

2117 Northland Dr.
Austin, TX 78756

Michael Yates Design

Twitter Facebook


5007 E Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702

Bricolage Curated Florals

78756 Austin, TX

Nanny Inez

2210 S. First St.
Unit M
Austin, TX 78704
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Elisa Gomez


Photography: Adrienne Breaux

This article originally published in The Admire Issue of Citygram Austin Magazine [February 2014].
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