Make Swimwear Part of Your Outfit

photographer: Waytao Shing
model: Kaiman Kazazian
hair and makeup: Zoraima Pelaez
wardrobe: Etcetera Etc., Maya Star
Three little letters describe summers in Austin: HOT.
August may be the sweatiest month, with triple digit temperatures commonplace. What’s a girl to wear during these lazy summer days? Swimwear!
What’s a girl to wear during these lazy summer days? Swimwear!
The easiest and most care free way of dressing during the summer is to incoporate your swimsuit into your outfit. This way you can go straight from brunch to the pool with no worry and no thought. Wearing a swimsuit as part of your outfit will also keep you a little cooler and make you feel super relaxed, which is what summer is all about, right?
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Photography: Waytoa Shing