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citygram-austin-magazine-dps-adobe-The Citygram Austin app has had a lovely makeover. Our icon logo switched from red to green and the launch page has all these jazzy guides below the latest issue.

What is going on?!?

Welcome to the newest version of Citygram Magazine.

Our new app has more than just our stories from the past six weeks, but now is configured to access all our content across all issues. Our full issue will be available, of course, and this one is all about art in Austin.


When you open the app, you’ll see the cover of the latest issue. Below the featured issue, you’ll find guides that include content from all of our previous issues, from restaurants to shopping to music. Our weekly events will also appear as a guide, and will be updated for you every Thursday, only now, you won’t have to download any updated versions.

Our most current articles will appear in the “Latest Stories” section, automatically delivering new content to your app — no more waiting on a new issue to release.

Since the beginning, we’ve always taken a “be everywhere” approach to delivering our magazine, so you’ll still be able to enjoy Citygram on every major mobile device — formatted for every iPhone, iPad and Android.
As an app resource, the new Citygram is meant to be used all the time, keep you engaged and up-to-date with the latest in Austin. You no longer have to download entire issues as individual articles will load as you select them.

“Citygram is one of the first apps ever published in the newest Adobe Digital Publishing Solution.”

How did we do it? For the past two years, we’ve relied on Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to build our digital magazine. This year, our parent design and publishing agency, Left Right Media, partnered with Adobe to work with the newest version of DPS, launched at the end of July 2015. That means that the new Citygram is one of the first apps ever published in the newest Adobe Digital Publishing Solution.

We are working hard to populate our guides with articles from all 18 issues of Citygram. Thanks for checking out the new format — let us know what you think.

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