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The Friendly Savages
East In the Morning

April 8

The folk-rock quartet tones down the energy on their sophomore release with a collection of contemplative ballads. While their 2013 debut release O, Joshua! was peppered with spirited bursts of energy, East In The Morning shows Friendly Savages focusing on their songwriting and storytelling as they explore their sonic footing. The growth is evident and the band hits their stride on the nostalgic “Champions” and the stirring “Morning Star.”

Listen on Spotify

Listen on Spotify


Royal Jelly

April 8

Löwin may be new to the Austin music scene but they’ve quickly built a buzz since forming close to a year ago. Lead singer Sara Houser’s dulcet voice paired with rollicking melodies proves to be a captivating combination. Houser sings with a cool restraint yet there’s an unmistakable fire in her voice, as if she’s challenging the listener. Lyrics like “I take my hits like a champ” in the song “Move It Football Head” and “I love a good fine line” in “Gonna Run You” reveal a risk-taker that may get knocked down, but will definitely get back up.

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Listen on Spotify

Keep an eye on Löwin, because they’re ready to strike.

Watch Löwin perform the title track and “Best Laid Plans” on Citygram’s House Sounds.


Kevin Garrett
Mellow Drama

Feb. 24

The Brooklyn-based singer releases his highly anticipated debut EP, Mellow Drama. I realize “highly anticipated” is an overused phrase, but I don’t use it lightly. Featured as one of Citygram’s Five SXSW Artists To Watch, Garrett has since played his first sold-out show, had Katy Perry tweet about his music, and been featured on VH1. Why all the commotion? Just press play. His voice, his songwriting, his piano playing – Garrett does it all so effortlessly and exceptionally, you won’t be able to stop listening.

Listen on Spotify

Listen on Spotify


“Hiding Records (So Dangerous)”

The temperature’s rising in Austin, which means visits to Barton Springs are about to increase exponentially. Teen Men’s buoyant “Hiding Records (So Dangerous)” serves as the perfect soundtrack for keeping the positive vibes flowing while hanging ten. Plus the psychedelic video is just the right amount of Austin weird.
Let the sparkling single transport you to clear blue waters no matter where you are.

“to die in L.A.”

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when that breakup is with a city that chews you up and spits you out. Lower Dens’ melodic single “To Die In L.A.” comes to terms with circumstances that aren’t working and lets “time turn the tide.”

The music video, directed by SSION’s Cody Critcheloe, features an aspiring starlet who loses herself while trying to make it. A portrait of the woman serves as an effigy, deteriorating and burning as the story escalates. “To Die In L.A.” is off Lower Dens’ third album Escape from Evil.

Written by Gillian Driscoll


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