Open Call:Discovering Austin’s Artists

Austin is one of the most creative and encouraging places in the world. Most residents are here to pursue something they’re passionate about, and it’s rarely a surprise to hear an Austinite refer to him or herself as an artist.

We asked Austin to share its art with Citygram for a mobile gallery in our Art Issue. We also asked the question, “Where do you find inspiration in Austin?” The response to our open call was overwhelming, and we’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” many neighboring artists with a variety of talents.

From puppets to picture books, these artists have shared their creative endeavors and where to find them. We hope this gallery serves as your introduction to emerging artists in Austin and inspires you to seek out more
of their work.

Marcy Ann Villafaña

Mixed – paper on paper with inks

The figure represents an endless source of inspiration. In Austin, whereever you look, you will find people who are strong and empowered in mind, body, and spirit. They exude a glow unlike anyone else. Could it perhaps be something in the water or organic produce? Or maybe it’s just the creativity and freedom that Austin fosters? -Marcy Ann Villafaña

Chelsea Purgahn

“The Grand Finale” (2014)

The Grand Finale - 2014 - Photo

Dawn Winter

“Black and Tan” (2015)
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Black and Tan 1

Rachel McEuen

“Daniel” (2015)

It feels like the city is born of inspiration… the rich music scene, the spray-painted walls of buildings appropriated for urban art, or the local zest encapsulated in a good street taco.
-Rachel McEuen


Robert Gregory Phillips

“Vibrant New Life”
Acrylic on hardboard panel

Kristina Vande Walle

“Adam” (2015)
Bind Contour Woodburning on Plywood


Connie Miller

“Early Morning Paddle” (2015)
Oil Paint

Early Morning Paddle Boarding_CSMiller_oil_2015

Tim Derrington & Natalia Lopez

florescent lighting and colored lighting gels


The culture of this city keeps us nourished.  The food, creativity, greenbelt, music, and everything else that makes Austin shine, is built on a cultural foundation that spans generations.  It’s a place where people embrace and care for things that matter and equally give no shit about the things that don’t.  With infinite paths the soul of a city can walk, Austin chose one that resonates deeply with our identity.  We are grateful for this resonance, and draw inspiration from it every day.
-Tim Derrington & Natalia Lopez

Shan Fannin

“1956 Red Thunderbird”(2015)
Mixed Media


Jovana Kamenko

Acrylic and latex on canvas


Matt Mikulla

“Muller Airport Control Tower” (2014)
Fine Art Photography-Archival Pigment Print

Matt mikulla Mueller Airport Control Tower

Soña Holman

“Beneath Blue Sky” (2014)
Burn, acrylic and plaster on wood panel

Sona Holman Beneath Blue Sky

Stephanie Estrin



Marguerite Wiesenmaier

“Mother Wolf” (2014)
Oil on canvas


Neena Buxani

Mixed Media

Neena Buxani - Poppies

Carol Lee

“Urban Harem” (2014)

Urban Harem

I like to photograph odd moments pulled out of reality that have an underlying cultural, historical, & economic double context.  Austin is where I can always rely on these moments.
-Carol Lee

Javier Gonzalez

“Untitled” (2015)
Inkjet Print

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.03.57 PM

Most of my work is influenced by my daily commutes. All my images come from small glimpses from my daily life and my compositions are minimalistic with a touch of color. The use of color can be traced back to my Mexican Culture.
-Javier Gonzales

Abigail Marguerite Dreier

“Small Pleasures: The Little Things in
Life That Make Us Smile” (2015)

Artist book; pen & ink, watercolor

IMG_5304 (1)
Bear Hugs
Dog Window

Rebecca Bennett

“Soul Reflection” (2015)
oil on cradled wood panel

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.13.28 PM

The many art collectives are great hives of creative energy.   Being a part of a creative complex like Canopy allows for sharing, discussion, brainstorming, and general kinship with other artists.
-Rebecca Bennett

Lucy MacQueen

“Downpour” (2015)
Venetian Plaster & Etched Plexiglass

_Downpour_2015 Venetian Plaster & Etched Plexiglass 30x30_

Sarah Layne Baumann

“Austin, Texas!” (2015)
Watercolor, Ink, Adobe Illustrator

Sarah Layne Baumann - Austin TX

Becca Borrelli

“Zilker Park” (2014)
Archival Print on fine art paper

Austin Outdoors 7x9

People flock to Austin in record numbers because there still is a unique level of connection. People don’t go to Blues on the Green because of the music and booze; they go to experience connection—to music, the park and one another. If it was just about tunes and alcohol they could blast Shakey Graves from their iPhone at home and drink a beer on the sofa. I’m seduced with drawing those connections and giving them form. Everything has to swirl, ripple, and connect.
-Becca Borrelli

Quinten Rhea

“‘under your skin, the Moon is alive’ ~Neruda”
Hammered aluminum

Quinten Rhea

Misha Maynerick Blaise

“Sonic Boom” (2015)

MIsha Maynerick Blaise_sonicboom_2015

Karen Maness

“Beneath Blue Sky” (2014)


Kiah Lee Denson

“Cerritos” (2015)
Acrylic on canvas

Cerritos_Kiah Denson

Austin Couillard

“UT” (2015)


Cooky Goldblatt

Digital Painting

Cooky Goldblatt

Carol Hayman

“Town Lake Bridge” (2013)
Photo-based polymer print intaglio

Town Lake Bridge 150 res

Jason Ice

“Urban Waste” (2014)
Spray paint, acrylic, wheat paste on reclaimed wood

Urban_waste (2)

The growth of this town is actually quite comedic with all the people trying to find their place in a city that doesn’t know where it’s going.
-Jason Ice

Tessa Yvonne Morrison

“This is an Adventure!” (2013)
Fiber Art

Hallie Rae Ward

“That’s What It’s All About” (2012)
Acrylic on individual plywood panels

Hallie Rae Ward - That's What It's All About

Brock Caron

“Trust” (2014)
Pen and Ink


Inspiration comes from a late night at The White Horse, an art event on the east side, a green parrot landing in your backyard, and house shows (that still exist). Cold beer and black ink.
-Brock Caron

NJ Weaver

“Temple of Tomorrows” (2015)
Mixed Media on wood panel


Janice Montalvo

“Inside the Giant”

Inside the Giant - 2012 - Photo

Elisa Gomez

“Lingering Midnight” (2015)
oil pastel, acrylic, and latex on stretched canvas

Eliza Gomex - Linger Midnight

Molly Ann Wolfe

“Relax” (2015)
Acrylic/Mixed Media


Lucas Aoki

“Storyteller” (2012)
Oil on Canvas



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