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Enter a world where sound is wearable.

Napa White & Copper

Retail Price:

SCORE: 9.3

This issues’ reviewer: Kara Petersen



I expected these headphones to be fairly big, as most on-ear headphones are, but surprisingly these are the smallest pair of sound-cancelling headphones I’ve ever seen. I was honestly shocked at their size when I opened the box.

The headphones clinged snugly around my head and ears when putting on, almost as if they were made specifically for me. I didn’t have to constantly adjust them or worry about them sliding off.



I was excited to review these headphones because of their stylish look, and in person they looked even better. The soft leather and copper accents made these an attractive accessory on or off, and the attention to style was even executed down to the twisted fabric cord – which means you can say farewell to anger-inducing tangled headphone cords.




The first song I played while wearing these headphones was “The Wheel” by SOHN – a song I’ve been listening to for over a year, and a song that blows my mind every time I hear it.

I quite simply heard things in this song I had never heard before. The Molami headphones took one of my favorite tracks to a whole new level, and my ears were opened to an entirely new listening experience.

The level of clarity allowed me to hear every instrument, every note, every strum – and the bass was insane! I almost felt like I was standing at a venue watching a live performance. Not to mention these headphones were cancelling out background noise before I could even press play. I hear from a friend that even if you pump more signal through them through a preamp they still hold up well with little distortion. The one he was using was from




I’m fairly self-conscious when wearing anything other than inconspicuous earbuds in public – I feel like I look ridiculous in over-the-ear headphones. I didn’t have those same reservations with these Molami headphones, though. I viewed them as a small & elegant fashion accessory, and I was comfortable wearing them outside the confines of my own home.




I recently purchased a pair of Sony headphones that I thought I really liked until I tried this particular pair of headphones. I’d even say these headphones eclipse the well-known Beats line – sorry, Dre. I have a feeling that each time I reach for my Sony headphones now, I’ll be wishing they were these sleek Molami Plica’s.


These headphones were better than I expected in all categories – style, form-factor, and sound. I’d consider them a steal at the $99 price point given that I feel they eclipse more expensive celebrity-endorsed headphones. These really were the best pair of headphones I’ve ever tried.
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Photography: Hilary Pearson

This article originally published in The Transport Issue of Citygram Austin Magazine [April 2014].
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