Reel Artists: Maura Ambrose

Maura Ambrose

Folk Fibers

Art is one of those things. You may not be sure why or how, but you know something special when you see it.

It takes your breath for a moment.

You’re suddenly taken aback.

That was my reaction when first encountering the work of Maura Grace Ambrose.

A quilter.

An artist.

A pioneer.

Attributing a lot of her inspiration to the days she spent studying fibers at the famed Savannah College of Art & Design, Maura has made a business out of stitching together the patterns that fill her sketchbook and the forms shaped inside her mind.

Starting from the seeds Maura sows in her dye garden, or from the plants she harvests on nature walks, every Folk Fibers quilt has a legacy. They are truly timeless heirlooms that are a gathering of heart, mind and soul.

Having amassed an incredible following, and countless numbers of features including Martha Stewart Living, Maura’s earned quite a bit of attention for her work. We asked the Austin maker to take us through the journey of her quilt-making process in her own words.

Read along as Maura brings you inside her mindset and shares some of the stories behind her craft through this special photo essay.

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Images provided by Maura Ambrose

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