Chef Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki Are Making Culinary Magic at The New Launderette

 Written by Katie Brown
Photography by Hannah Vickers

The Concept:

“The name is inspired by its location… which was once home to a laundromat.”

On February 19th, Austin welcomed Launderette, one of the city’s most anticipated restaurants. The name is inspired by its location in East Austin on Holly Street, which was once home to a laundromat. Pastry chef Laura Sawicki and chef Rene Ortiz are in charge of the undertaking, and strayed away from their cuisines at La Condesa and Sway to create a Mediterranean-inspired menu for Launderette. The dimly lit yet bright space has a slightly modern diner feel, adorned with white walls, glossy sea-blue floors, and natural wood and plant detailing.


The Menu:

“Chef Ortiz created the menu in about 2 weeks”

Quite amazingly, Chef Ortiz created the decadent menu in about 2 weeks, as he sees the importance in crafting dishes that accurately reflect the atmosphere. “I needed to see the finished space… the colors… the mood before working on the menu.”

Open for dinner every day of the week, chef Rene has sectioned the menu into “snacky bits,” “toasts,” “wood grill,” “vegetables,” and “specialties.”

Soft Egg Toast asparagus, telggio, truffle vinaigrette, bottarga, focaccia, $9

Soft Egg Toast

asparagus, telggio, truffle vinaigrette, bottarga, focaccia, $9


Crab Toast

fennel aioli, avocado, radish top-mint vinaigrette, semolina bread, $9


Aleppo Prawns

chili puree, nigella yogurt, mint, $24



beet hummus, millet crunch, everything cracker, $8


(left) Carmelized Endive

bleu, thyme, $9

(right) Roasted Parsnip

carrot top salsa verde, pickled mustard seed, apple butter, $9

And of course, there is a great dessert menu featuring traditional treats with a Mediterranean twist. Masterfully combining savory elements with sweet and citrus, Laura Sawicki’s recipes prove as formidable as ever.

“Laura Sawicki’s recipes prove as formidable as ever.”


Sticky Toffee Pudding

apple, cauliflower, bleu de basque, candied ginger ice cream


Pistachio Rosewater Parfait

grapefruit, fennel, candied pistachio, yogurt, tahini

The Scoop:

Launderette is one of Austin’s newest restaurants and also one of its best. It’s nice to see Rene and Laura working together again, making culinary magic, and introducing new and unexpected flavors to the Texas culinary scene.





2115 Holly St.

Hours: Sun-Thurs, 5-10pm, Fri & Sat, 5-11pm
• Reservations for groups of 8 or more

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What to Get:

Start with Fried Oysters and a Breakfast of Champions cocktail (Vida Mezcal, Lime, Egg White, Orange Flower Water, Bitters). Split the Aleppo Prawns and another Specialty. Then finish strong with Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Music Pick:

Play this song on your way there…


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