See How Liberty Kitchen Puts Their Entire Menu in One Burger

Writing by Bo Duncan
Photography by Chris Perez

The Houston-based Feed Restaurant group expanded to Austin this month, opening Liberty Kitchen just west of downtown. We sat down with Co-owner Lee Ellis and Chef Crash (yes, that’s his name), to get the word on what makes their Austin location so special.



Co-owners Lee Ellis and Lance Fegan decided to move beyond their expertise in bars and burgers, respectively, when they decided to team up in Houston years ago. Together, they started the gourmet gastropub BRC — that stands for the Big Red Cock, by the way — known for it’s over-the-top indulgences like a mac-and-cheese of the day and jalapeño chip chicken fried steak (that’s brunch).


It’s success evolved into another venture, Liberty Kitchen, which includes the sinful selections, but takes a larger focus on fresh seafood and it’s oyster bar. As Chef Crash put it, “Liberty Kitchen covers all the bases, from lunch for moms in yoga pants to business networking for the suits and ties to wedding anniversary date nights. They’re all sitting next to each other, and they’re all comfortable.”



They claim to have the best selection of brown liquor in Texas, and they might be right, with all the Pappy’s on the top shelf.

Tucked in next to Tacos and Tequila, behind a door with the large letters LKATX, Liberty Kitchen has a hedonistic menu that has something for everyone. What makes this location unique is the 30 new menu items they added just for this space. While these additions are mostly rotisserie-heavy, it also includes combinations like a Red Beans and Rice Waffle with Cajun Fried Chicken and Andouille Gravy. They also claim to have the best selection of brown liquor in Texas, and they might be right, with all the Pappy’s on the top shelf.


Coltivare Gin and Tonic No. 1

housemade tonic |11|


Lillie Langtry

Gin, lemon juice, hibiscus syrup |11|


The Burger Bowl

sledge iceberg, fries, jalapeño, avocado, buttermilk
dressing, queso, 2 fried eggs, tomato, red onion |17|


Rotisserie Basket Chicken Wings

hot sauce caramel, whipped blue cheese, carrot pickle |12|


Deviled Egg Trial

spicy-pickled juice yolk topped with 1) Hot Smoked
Salmon 2) Fried Oyster 3) Pimento Cheese & Crab 4)
Spicy Fried Chicken n’ Sauce with side Bacon Jam | 10 |


When you need a gluttonous fix, you can get it in Austin now, whether it be in the form of rare bourbon or a Heisenberger (the serving size your grandmother would bring to a church potluck) with virtually everything on the menu stuffed in a baguette.

Be sure to scope out all the design details alive with Texas history and French influence. Yeah, both. For example, make sure you take a close the restaurant group’s signature damask wall paper—its not swirls and curls, but a tessellation of two rodeo cowboys on reared-up horses flanking an oil-derek. The ceiling is also a work of art, with an inlayed pattern of custom-printed yardsticks by Jack Massing. All the booths are made with repurposed longleaf pine from a 150-year-old warehouse in downtown Houston and the handcrafted tabletops come from a couple outside of Dallas.

Citygram Tip: Don’t miss their daily specials, like the Dixie Fried Chicken Supper on Sundays. Happy hour is coming soon!



Liberty Kitchen Austin

507 Pressler, Suite 700

Hours:Monday – Wednesday 11AM – 10PM
Thursday 11AM – 11PM
Friday 11AM – 12AM
Saturday 8AM – 12AM
Sunday 8AM – 10PM

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