Fashion Statements

photographer: Waytao Shing
model: Lisa Siva
hair and makeup: Zoraima Peleaz
wardrobe: Golden Bones, Langford Market
I put together a fun editorial for the first issue which involves several animated shots like the one above. Thank you to my fabulous team of local talent who helped make our first fashion editorial!
While print magazines are still nice to look at sometimes, digital magazines are the future. The future I tell you! There’s so much more freedom for not only the creators, but for the readers as well. And, you better believe there’s a lot more creativity bubbling inside of me just waiting to be poured into this interactive magazine that will serve YOU, the people of Austin.

Enjoy the complete fashion spread on iPad© or iPhone© for the full interactive experience.
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Joanna WilkinsonJoanna Wilkinson

Fashion & Style Columnist
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From the first time she twirled around in her Grammy’s vintage petticoats, Joanna Wilkinson has forever since had a love for fashion.
Since graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio TV Film, she uses her love of telling stories with both words and visuals to chronicle the fashion scene in Austin with her blog, Keep Austin Stylish.
Photography: Waytoa Shing