Taste Summer: Tapas Bravas

The bull of Wall Street symbolizes financial prosperity and optimism; the bull of Rainey Street has similar gastronomic significance.

Known for delivering food in abundance and high spirit, Spanish cuisine is in both authentic and rare form at Tapas Bravas.

Owner and chef Jed Holderidge offers recipes learned from his time living in Valencia, Spain – the home of paella and the site where the world record for the largest paella was broken in 1992. He was there to witness it.


You can then imagine that Jed too knows something about Spain’s most recognized dish. The restaurant’s Paella Marinera can be ordered at least two days in advance to accommodate anywhere from eight to eighty servings. Authentic Spanish paella, such as that served from the vintage bread truck at Tapas Bravas, provides an altogether different experience than the Americanized versions often found in the states – exchanging olive brine for a lush stewed tomato base.

For the whole experience, bring a bottle of red wine and grab a seat at the fire red picnic table (painted the very same shade as the bull logo that adorns the truck). Jed offers a BYOB Sangria – a blend of citrus and fruit juices that only lacks the brandy from his secret recipe – complete with a pitcher and drinking glasses for your party. Sip and savor tastes from smaller plates such as the Piquillos Rellenos, Patatas Bravas, and Tortilla Española with each glass – each better than the last.

Tapas Bravas is proof that one of the world’s most iconic cultures can be experienced in one of our city’s most iconic backyards.

Make it a night…








BYOB SANGRIA (bring a bottle of red wine and mix with the house recipe)

BYOB SANGRIA (bring a bottle of red wine and mix with the house recipe)



Tapas Bravas

75 Rainey St
Austin, TX 78701
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Photography by Michelle Min

This article originally published in The Balance Issue of Citygram Austin Magazine [May/June 2014].
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