The Ann Richards – A Cocktail from The Goodetime Gals

The Goodetime Gals are known for their fabulous rapport, but when it comes to drinks they have very different preferences.
Cameron likes a strong scotch, while Lindsey prefers a champagne cocktail or white wine spritzer.
The combination of their tastes produces ingenious concoctions like the Ann Richards, a summery drink perfect for unwinding. After trying one at Cameron’s house I was inspired to make my own at home, and the Gals generously offered to share the recipe with our readers.

The Ann Richards


Step 1: Gather your ingredients

• Cucumber
• Vodka or gin (Genius Gin used)
• Topo Chico
• 1 cup rose petals
• 1 cup sugar
• 1 cup water

Step 2: Make Rose Simple Syrup

• 1 cup rose petals
• 1 cup sugar
• 1 cup water
• Bring 1 cup of water to simmer.
• Add 1 cup sugar and mix until dissolved.
• Add rose petals and let steep for a five minutes.
• Strain syrup into a jar.

Step 3: Lay cucumbers down in highball glass

• 3-4 cucumber rounds per drink

Step 4: Spoon simple syrup on top and muddle

• 1 oz rose simple syrup per drink

Step 5: Add your liquor of choice.

• 2 oz vodka or gin
(locally-made Genius gin shown)

Step 6: Finish!

• Add crushed ice
• Top with Topo Chico
Photography: Chris Perez

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