This Friday: Citygram is throwing a party for the Sketchbook Project

Last month, Citygram visited New York, as our Founding Editor, Chris Perez, was invited to speak on a panel of fellow publishing industry experts, about digital publishing at the Advertising Production Club.

New York inspired us to celebrate the true art that goes into what we do …so we’re throwing a party.

While we were there, we discovered some amazing inspirations — especially in art — we wanted to bring back to Citygram. We met with magazine editors, publishers and industry leaders and visited museums, galleries and events that inspired us to celebrate the true art that goes into what we do, which we plan to do in an upcoming summer issue, The Art Issue. We decided that the best way to kick off the creative process was to throw a party.

On the trip, while walking off a well-recommended meal in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we were drawn into a shop with walls of colorful books lining the perimeter. Come to find out, it was called the Brooklyn Art Library, and it was presented by The Sketchbook Project. Those books were each handmade by over 34,000 artists from more than 135 countries around the world. We needed to know more.



Started in 2006, The Sketchbook Project is a collaboration of global community contributors that started in Atlanta, GA and shortly after moved to its permanent home in Brooklyn, NY. The ever-growing collection now has more than 70,000 art inspiring books from artists worldwide.

The way it works is this: buy a sketchbook and fill its pages with any kind of art and media you choose. After it’s all finished, submit is back to The Sketchbook Project and it will be added to the collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.

sketchbook-project-citygram Austin
sketchbook-project-citygram Austin
sketchbook-project-citygram Austin

Feeling deeply inspired by a trip to the Metropolitan Museum earlier in the day, we decided we want to become a part of this amazing crowd-sourced art museum. Coincidentally, that was already in the works, as plans for their traveling exhibit, the Mobile Library, already included a stop in Austin.


What does Austin mean to you in a 5″x7″?

The mobile library is exactly what it sounds like. The Sketchbook Project decided everyone should get the chance to experience these unique books. They selected 4,500 different books from their static library to take on tour at pop-up events across the country. These free events give the same interaction anyone would get by going to the Brooklyn Art Library.

The drawing party is open to the public and of course, we’ll have free beer

We reached out to see how we could get our community involved in this amazing endeavor, and arrived on a drawing party. We invite our fellow Austinites to come browse through the mobile library truck, and then create a page to add to the Austin Sketchbook that will continue on the rest of the tour as part of the viewable collection. The Austin book drawing party is free and open to the public. It will be held at South Austin Social, with free beer from St. Arnold’s Brewery, live music and food trucks including: Unity Vegan Kitchen, BOCA and Beirut. The library will then remain on display for the rest of the weekend, where visitors may peruse the books Saturday, June 20th 12:00pm-4:00pm and Sunday, June 21st 12:00pm – 4:00pm.

What does Austin mean to you in 5″x7″? We’ll provide the paper, the book and some simple supplies for you to show us. Make sure you RSVP on Facebook. We’ll see you there!

The Austin Book Drawing Party


South Austin Social 409 Jessie St Austin, TX 78704

Friday, June 19 4:00pm – 8:00pm

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Photo Credits: Chris Perez, The Sketchbook Project


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