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Jay Zombie

Vivid variations of color and patterns of play intrigue the eye when surveying the work of Jessica Zollman.

“Whenever I go through large life changes, my photography often goes through a short period of turmoil and crisis — shifting and changing as I personally grow or struggle,” says Jessica, a professional photographer and popular Instagrammer known to most as “jayzombie.”

A simple tap-and-scroll through her feed unwinds oodles of captured moments defined by quirky colors, geometric patterns and nature in unnatural settings. She managed to get instagram followers, and lots of them, to visit her profile and be wowed by what they’ve seen, giving inspiration to all content creators that wish to find a great fanbase for their page.

“Whenever I go through large life changes my photography often goes through a short period of turmoil and crisis — shifting and changing as I personally grow or struggle.”

As the photos unfurl, eventually they lead back to a single point of origin — a decision so seemingly irrelevant that Jessica would not fully understand its effect until years later. She became one of the first beta users, eventually the fifth employee hired to the Instagram team (and, incidentally, the very first female).

The Instagram app was still in the nascent stages of development, but for the first two years of its existence, Jessica worked as its community evangelist. Her role was to foster and nurture an authentic community and act as a voice for the people, including everything from community outreach and events to blog posts and more. “The Instagram community completely changed my life,” she says.

She eventually left her role with Instagram to seek out her dream as a full-time professional photographer, thanks in part to the time she spent conducting interviews with passionate photographers and inspiring creators. Through those experiences, her appreciation for art deepened and ultimately launched her into her own endeavors.




As she began navigating the waters of freelance photography, Jessica was given an opportunity to be represented by the photo agency and art collective tinker street*, which she proudly accepted alongside some of her favorite photographers. Since that time, she has been commissioned by the likes of Ford, Amtrak, Converse, Sony and Icelandair for a range of lifestyle projects.

More recently, Jessica was asked to feature her work in the One by One TX show in Austin. Her mobile photography will be printed and displayed for the second year in a row alongside fifty other internationally-known mobile photographers and fifty local Texas photographers.

Free to the public, One by One TX runs February 20 through 22 at Artpost in Austin, Texas.

CLICK HERE to see the One by One TX website for the full weekend listing of events.


One by One
1. Gareth Pon
Johannesburg, South Africa
2. J. N. Silva
New York, New York
3. Carra Sykes
Houston, Texas
4. Esther Huynh
Dallas, Texas

Written by: Nikki Vermeer
Photography: (top) Lucio Bracamontes
Others: Jessica Zollman
Jessica: Arthur Chang


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