Top Picks for EAST Austin Studio Tour : 2014

Jordan Gentry (stop 156)

This weekend, hundreds of Austin galleries, small businesses, homes and converted warehouses east of I-35 will be opening their doors to the public in the name of art.

Yes, we’re talking about the thirteenth annual East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) hosted by Big Medium, which is even bigger and better with over 400 exhibits happening on November 15-16 and November 22-23. Experiencing the self-guided tour can be overwhelming. No matter how well you plan out your route, it’s practically impossible to hit every location — which is why we bring you our Top Picks Guide for the 2014 East Austin Studio Tour.

We’ve culled through E.A.S.T.’s thick catalogue (available at all Austin Public Libraries) and did the hard work for you by dividing the 15 must-see exhibits and events into two manageable days. Take a look at the exhibits you don’t want to miss this year.


Nov. 15

Canopy Night

916 Springdale Road, Building 2 #101, 6-8pm

Party time! Canopy is one of the most widely attended spaces during E.A.S.T. because of the number of spaces and galleries one can cover in just a matter of hours. Big Medium will host the opening reception of Barna Kantor’s solo exhibit and exhibiting the work of its staff. The public has the opportunity to visit neighboring spaces during Canopy’s extended hours.

Nov. 18


4710 East 5th Street (near Artpost), 7:30pm

What happens when art meets food? Find out during the PopUp Dinner at Justine’s Secret Dining House, where half a dozen chefs from Austin’s most notable restaurants (Amanda Turner of Odd Duck and Clinton Kendall of Qui will be represented) are coming together to serve food on unique vessels produced by Local makers Keith Kreeger, Michal McCarthy, Ryan McKerley and Abigail Murray. Tickets at

Nov. 22,

Blue Genie Danger Derby

916 Springdale Road Building 4, 7-11pm

Thrill-seekers will get a kick out of this destructive derby. The Blue Genie challenges you to build “the pinewood car of your nightmares” and go through a two-story hazard course. Things are going to get rowdy.

Day 1

Peggy Weiss

Peggy Weiss (stop 113)

1. Canopy, Stops 79-135, 357-363

916 Springdale Road

Don’t miss Modern Rocks (stop 363), Peggy Weiss (stop 113), Barna Kantor at Big Medium (stop 358), Art.Science.Gallery (stop 359), Blue Genie Art Industries (stop 135).

2. Pump Project Art Complex, Stops 173-189

702 Shady Lane

Don’t miss Landry McMeans Art & Design (stop 182), Joshua Green (stop 188), Andrew Murray (stop 181), Edie Sunday (stop 185)

Edie Sunday (stop)

Edie Sunday (stop 185)

3. 777 Shady Lane, Stops 168-172

Don’t miss Tom Suhler at Exposure Fine Art Gallery and Studio (stop 171), Kartweel Craftsmanship and Joe Swec Sign Painting at The Village (stop 172)

4. Big Medium at Bolm, Stops 156- 163, 348-349

5305 Bolm Road

Don’t miss Jordan Gentry (stop 156), Jana Swec (stop 161), and Scott M Bickerton (stop 159)

5. Revival Cycles, Stops 350-352

5305 Bolm Road

6. Museum of Human Achievement, Stop 364

3600 Lyons Road

Andrew Murray (stop 181)

Andrew Murray (stop 181)

Day 2

7. Artpost, Stops 192–210, 343-347

4704 E Cesar Chavez St.

Don’t miss Lacey Richter (Stop 194), George Silas (Stop 199), Sara Vanderbeek (Stop 202), Indio Arts (Stop 204), Kristy Darnell Battani (Stop 210).

8. Splinter Group North, Stops 215- 216

4709 East 5th Street

9. A&K Woodworking and Design, Stop 220

3403 East 4th Street

Suzanne Wyss (stop)

Suzanne Wyss (stop 225)

10. Fort Tillery, Stops 223-226

618 Tillery Street

Don’t miss Michael Yates (Stop 223), Ann Armstrong (Stop 224), Suzanne Wyss (Stop 225)

11. SpraATX, Stop 332

501 Perdenales St. Unit 2A

12. The High Priestess at Coco Coquette, Stop 406

2109 East Cesar Chavez Street

Michael Sieben (stop)

Michael Sieben (stop 238)

13. East Cesar Chavez

2602 – 2710 East Cesar Chavez Street

Don’t miss Michael Sieben (Stop 238), Arts and Recreation (Stop 237), Lance McMahan and Aaron Reynolds (Stop 236)

14. Knox Photographics, Stop 270

906 East 5th Street, Studio 106

15. Fisterra Studio, Stops 277-282

1200 East 2nd Street

Don’t miss Katelena Hernandez Cowles (Stop 281)

Also, take a look at last year’s picks.

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