4 Highlights from Trans-Pecos Festival 2015

The ten-year anniversary of the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love took place at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas over the weekend of September 24th – 26th.

Marfa’s remote location requires a commitment to embark on the journey into the desert. Those who do make the pilgrimage however, find the passage well worth it as curious wonders await upon arrival.

The weekend’s events posted on a charming bulletin board at El Cosmico

The weekend’s events posted on a charming bulletin board at El Cosmico

From the music, to the workshops and activities, to the landscape itself, Trans-Pecos offers an abundance of trappings to surprise and delight the senses.

This year’s festival featured breathtaking nightly performances by Jenny Lewis (joined by surprise guest Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent), Phosphorescent, Langhorne Slim, Ben Kweller, Bee Caves and more.

Those looking to get their hands dirty in the afternoons enjoyed workshops ranging from crafting bitters, bolo tie making, Dutch oven camp cooking with Lou Lambert, sculpture safari papier-mâché, tie-dying…and that just scratches the surface.

Then there’s all the exploring to be had in Marfa itself. Stationed just half-a-mile down the road from the city center, it’s easy to hop on one of El Cosmico’s bikes available for rent (or bring your own), and check out the sights. What are those sights exactly? Find Out Here.

With just over 1,000 people in attendance, Trans-Pecos Festival feels as much about the music as it does about the love and bringing people together. This shared experience culminates on the final night of Trans-Pecos with the communal Barbacoa Cosmicoa dinner prepared by chef Lou Lambert himself, as attendees gather around picnic tables to break biscuits amid a champagne sunset.

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Much transpired over the three-day period. Here’s Citygram’s top four highlights from the 2015 Trans-Pecos Festival.

1. Jenny Lewis + St. Vincent





Halfway through Jenny Lewis’ mesmerizing set, St. Vincent appeared on stage to accompany her friend on drums and then guitar. Together they played Lewis’ “Just One of the Guys,” the unreleased song “Girl on Girl,” St. Vincent’s “Cheerleader,” and closing out with a bang, an epic cover of Deee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart.”

2. Dutch Oven Camp Cooking with Lou Lambert

An intimate cooking lesson with BBQ legend Lou Lambert? It doesn’t get much better than that. Anyone looking to learn a few secrets of the trade certainly picked up some tricks from the grill master, not to mention savoring some delicious bites in the process.

3. After Hours

As the music ceased, the nights were just heating up. While some tucked into their tents, others kept the party going with jam circles, dance parties and late-night conversing. Queue the bonding.

4. The Landscape

El Cosmico CamPGround

El Cosmico CamPGround

The ten-year anniversary of Trans-Pecos occurred the same weekend as a full moon (on the eve of the blood moon). The night sky glowed, bathing festival-goers in the illuminating moonlight. Then there were the sunsets, which were particularly vibrant and extraordinary. This backdrop alone merits a trip to El Cosmico.


Writing: Gillian Driscoll
Photography: Gillian Driscoll and Kimmy Rohrs


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