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chris-perez-citygram-austinTechnology in some ways provides a way for us to transport to other destinations by sight and sound. It’s one of its greatest powers.

Those experiences can be so affecting that they catalyze a curiosity and open mindedness that connects us to cultures, ideas, and landscapes we may not have known existed. And as is often the case, we seek to take part in and share those experiences ourselves. We’re never quite the same.

Transporting, even virtually, can teach us a lot about ourselves – what we like, what we don’t like, who we are, and who we aspire to be. It’s where I believe the next big breakthrough in technology lies, picking up where the Internet and smartphones have started to physically take us wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go there.

I imagine that one day advancements in transportation bridge together Austin and San Antonio just as they have Dallas and Fort Worth.

When assigning stories for this issue, we wanted to take you places all within a day’s drive of Austin – so they are that much more enticing. The features in the following pages take you to a Prada store in the middle of west Texas desert, to unexpected sand dunes near Odessa, and to our nearest big city neighbor in San Antonio.

A mere 80 miles away, I imagine that one day urban sprawl and advancements in transportation bridge together Austin and San Antonio just as they have Dallas and Fort Worth. Through our multiple visits we noticed that there is a thriving movement in food and the arts that is not dissimilar to the one Austin is itself experiencing – and we’ll introduce you to some of the influencers and restaurateurs that are progressing the city to new and exciting places.

Being a local magazine voiced by locals, we thought it only appropriate to get local context into San Antonio as well. We’re particularly delighted then to have the Editor-in-Chief of the San Antonio Current – the city’s alternative weekly paper – pen a few pieces that will help readers experience the most from the city’s history, art, and culture. It’s our hope that the guide we compiled encourages you to make the hour and a half drive south and let personal experience do the rest – bringing the Alamo city that much closer in your mind’s eye.

Looking back through another full issue, we’re happy to see Citygram evolving into more than a singular voice of regular contributors, but into a more open magazine where writing and ideas from people of various backgrounds can share their knowledge and experience. During his SXSW keynote, Adam Savage noted that “art and science have always been the twin engines moving us forward.” I believe the collective consciousness of the many will steer us in the right direction.

This article originally published in The Transport Issue of Citygram Austin Magazine [April 2014].
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