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Whenever we’re not on tour, Yvonne and I love to sequester ourselves in our house for a couple of days and catch up on whatever TV shows and movies we missed while we were gone. Zoning out after touring craziness is a fantastic reset button for your brain. Recently we did a Netflix double feature of a couple of films we’d been dying to see in theaters, but hadn’t gotten the chance…

Computer Chess

Computer Chess is a film about a computer chess tournament set in the early 80’s. It was directed by local Austinite, and all-around awesome dude, Andrew Bujalski. A few friends of ours act in the film as well, so of course, we’d been incredibly eager to check it out, but had been out of town when it was in theaters. It’s shot documentary-style on old Sony tube video camera from the 70’s, so it has a pretty crazy visual aesthetic.
We loved it. It’s super weird and super funny, and definitely not for everyone, but we highly recommend it.

Upstream Color

Upstream Color totally blew us away. Shane Carruth is another Texas filmmaker and we loved his first feature, Primer. In terms of story, pacing, cinematography, etc. the two films couldn’t be more different, but yet they feel like they come from the same voice. Like Computer Chess, Upstream Color will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we were entranced.

We’d do it an injustice to try and explain what it’s about. It flows like a dream and sticks with you in the best way. That’s all we’ll say. Go watch it!

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Photography: Chris Perez

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