Words to live by: why its ok to let go of the life we’ve planned

This is the key to life: being open to being surprised while not clinging to what you think things are supposed to look like. Being unattached.

I choose to be a coach because it’s a vocation that keeps me from believing my own bullshit. To do this job well, I have to always ask myself, “Am I living an authentic life?” And I have to be really honest about the answer.

I’ve learned two big things after almost 10 years of doing this:

-We reach our goals by being intentional but staying unattached to exactly how those goals look.

-It sounds counterintuitive, but you’ll get where you want to go only if you’re grateful and aware in the space you are in now.

When I get caught up in the way I’m supposed to be in the world, it’s great to remember that I’m exactly where I need to be. Here. And once I’ve “arrived” at the next place, there will be a new place my mind will want to be.

Joseph Campbell reminds us all that we are each heroes in our own world. When we embrace that, adventure and enlightenment will follow.

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